•  To conduct regular training programs and seminar in collaboration with different health-related organizations for raising public awareness about good health and hygiene maintenance.
  • Promote and aware of maintaining good hygiene among women, children of a poor and marginalized community.

  • Run program and awareness for Waste & Water Management, Hygiene and Sanitation.

  • Run the program and awareness to minimize the use of drugs and pesticides in farming.

  • Run awareness program for Oral and mensuration hygiene.

  • To spread the concept at different health and non-health related organizations for getting immediate and long-term support.

  • To provide materials and equipment for cleaning and effective waste disposal

  • To advocate for the accessible infrastructures

  • To organize free health camps and blood donation program in different parts of Nepal

  • To establish a strong relationship with national and international organizations and conduct the different programs accordingly.

  • Conduct Study and Research Program

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